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Bio-Coslab Co.,Ltd. as a developer and producer of health care , hair care and skin care products aims to provide a holistic health solution to our customers. We are also heavily involved in the health and beauty products markets. This holistic approach delivers a total for health and wellness to all end consumers with high quality products both national and international markets.
We are pleased to offers a comprehensive suite of innovative research, development, manufacturing, formulation and marketing consultation. It includes product’s Image design, packaging recommendation, filling and packing. We also provide contract manufacturing (OEM) for you with good quality products under your own brand /private label.


Bio-Coslab Co.,Ltd.
was established in 2010 by Mr.Wichate Wattanasakulpong Managing Director. We are an experienced private label cosmetic company. We have our own brands and also provide OEM services With a strong financial and experience expertise in product development for a long time. The Bio – Coslab Co.,Ltd. also the part of Bio-Woman Co.,Ltd. , a leading distributor of hair care , skin care and body care products supply to the customers for over the years.
We are growing and developing rapidly, enables us to be the one of cosmetic manufacturer which has been rewarded for international standard within a short term. On the whole, we offer the consumer to be confident in our products and services.



“We will be Number 1 of manufacturer of Cosmetic Dermatology, hair care , skin care , cosmetic enhancements and full services of Cosmetic Branding to customer satisfaction at the highest level.” 
Bio-Coslab offers a research and develops formulation of cosmeceuticals and skin care products include health and beauty products. Our experts are pleased to provides consultation for product development and design, manufacturing, and marketing professionally for the highest satisfaction of consumers, both domestic and abroad.



We adhere in manufacturing standards and service
under the terms..
“Taking care on hair and skin treatments with manufacturing standards with international level quality
that makes satisfaction to customer “



Bio-Coslab Co.,Ltd.
is a manufacture of hair care products , skin care products, and cosmeceuticals. Our products are under the “Bio-Woman” brand , “Ornic” brand and “Kuu” brand. We are also a brand building service to our customers. Since 2010 our key mission has been to focus on developing the best possible products available to be supplied to our customers. For example, we use only the finest raw materials carefully selected from their point of origin , that are proven to be highly effective that conform to international standards.


our performance



  • More 2,000 Cosmetic Stores in Thailand
  • The Mall
  • Lotus
  • Big C / Big C- Extra
  • TOPS
  • JUSCO / MaxValue
  • Villa


  • Africa(Nigeria)
  • Middle East(Yemen, Iran, Baren)
  • Asia(Singapore, Mynmar,Cambudia, India, Bangladesh and Japan)
  • USA